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Something From Nothing

I'm thrilled to be presenting: "How Something Comes from Nothing" at The Idea Engine. With a big nod to the scientific giants over the last 100 years, we'll discover the story of how everything we can see has unfolded. 

October 17, 2012
6:30 PM
at Common Desk

Additional Information

I would like to extend thanks to:

Socrates  for his questions
Newton for his calculus
Darwin for his hindsight
Hubble for his shiftiness
Einstein for his time
Dawkins for his clarity
Hawking for his black holes
Dennett for his beard
Hitchens for his irony
Micho Kaku for his tech
Neil DeGrasse Tyson for his pop culture references
Lawrence Krauss for his nothingness
Brian Cox for his smiles
David Mitchell (the comedian)  for his observations 

Onward Together

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