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We started Liquid to change personal finance.

From August 2009 – October 2012, I ran the brand. With this page, I'll recount what we accomplished as a team and what I created personally.

As a team we built:

  • Two apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android 
  • A website with over 600 blog posts that receives 2,500 unique visitors per month

My responsibilities:

  • Listened to and learned from prospective users
  • Pushed our developers and designers to achieve their best work and get the Liquid user interface as smooth, responsive, and pixel-perfect as it has become
  • Designed and developed the website over many iterations
  • Designed the MyCost interface
  • Created and ran an internship program that began during the summer and continued through the fall. We had these positions: iOS Dev, Android Dev, Web Dev, Video producer, & Marketing
  • Over time, I managed our in-house team (graphic design, marketing/journalism) as well as our external contractors (mobile development, social media/PR)
  • Created our business plan and financial projections, and presented the pitch to investors

Our Products

 Liquid  for  iPhone and iPad

Liquid for iPhone and iPad


Become one with your money.

Liquid is the mobile app to know how much money you'll have by the end of the month. Spend. Achieve. Be prepared for the future.


  • Written in OpenGL
  • Synced across devices with Proxomo
  • Interaction design: tap to open quadrants, drag & drop buckets
  • Visual layout: focused information, touch-friendly (said NO to spreadsheets)


Money is time.

Discover what your dollars truly mean by converting them to time and any other item you can imagine.


  • Written in Objective-C and in Java (for iOS and Android respectively)
  • JSON for auto-updating
  • In-app purchase shop (so the user can buy packs of items)
  • Interaction design: swipe to change comparison, easy Edit workflow (when user taps an item)
  • Visual layout: focus on the output with color (dark is the result, light is the input)

 MyCost  for  iPhone, iPad, and Android

MyCost for iPhone, iPad, and Android Community Community

Community to learn about practical personal finance for a younger demographic.


  • Written on top of Squarespace with CSS and JQuery
  • Guest blogging platform which quickly began receiving multiple requests per day
  • Search Engine Optimization