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Realtime Texts for Credit Card Charges

If you're like me, it is a pain to check the bank website or the bank's phone app to look at a list of your transactions to make sure they're legit. Call it what you will, but I relish the certainty that all the charges going though are the ones that I want.

Note: This is for Chase Bank but it is will probably work for your bank too.

Why the heck would I volunteer to constantly get texts from my bank?

  1. Where you are: Your phone is right next to you right now (Am I psychic, or what?)
  2. Correct amounts: Even though the credit companies check for geographical or voluminous withdraws, they don't prevent simple fat fingering or over-zealous waiters who add a little extra to their tip
  3. Speed: The push alerts (aka 'Little Red Dot') for the native phone app are hidden and cryptic. (This at least applies to Chase. In order to even view an alert you have to jump through a football field's worth of hoops, including typing a lot just to login to the app.)
  4. Forgotten Subscriptions: From the gym, to a magazine, to some random website we sign up for things all the time that we forget about. If you get a text it might just prompt you to use it more or cancel it. Whether it is $5 or $50, they add up over the course of a year.

Set Up Text Message alerts for Every Time a Transaction Clears