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Global Investment Club

The Global Investment Club seeks to educate its partners though consensus buying and selling decisions on the club’s stock portfolio.

In general, we follow the NAIC investment philosophies:

  1. Invest regularly
  2. Choose quality growth stocks at a reasonable price
  3. Diversify

Each month we select 5 companies in an industry to research. NAIC’s Stock Selection Guide, the Value Line Investment Survey, quarterly and annual fundamental analysis, and pertinent news stories provide the basis for comparison. Our club selects stocks to own that demonstrate sustainable growth around 15% annually.

These research assignments reflect our commitment to maintaining the portfolio’s diversity across industries and market caps.

GIC Operating Rules

  • Partners invest at least $150 per month.
  • Partners contribute to monthly research projects.
  • Each partner is expected to sponsor at least one stock and provide sponsor reports monthly.
    • The Stock Selection Guide, key PERT numbers, quarterly fundamental analysis, and Value Line parameters will be submitted each quarter.
  • No stock will be considered for purchase unless a Stock Selection Guide has been presented.
  • Prospective new partners must be interviewed by an appropriately appointed mentor and receive an endorsement from that mentor.

Download the full rules document.


Meeting Agenda

  • President Wayne Fink
  • Vice President David Manfre
  • Treasurer Darrel Brooks
  • Vice treasurer Mark Cleland
  • Secretary Mark Thurman
  • Data Czar Rick Riccelli
  • Data Czar Understudy Daryn Fink
  1. 0:00 Treasurer reports
  2. 0:02 Portfolio analysis
  3. 0:05 Sponsor updates
  4. 0:40 New businsess
  5. 0:45 Research reports
  6. 1:35 Trading decisions
  7. 1:50 Watch List decisions
  8. 1:55 Stocks to study
  9. 2:10 Upcoming education

Meeting Time


Club meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7pm.
  • Portfolio Value: $250,000
  • Yearly Return: 14.5%
  • Members: 16
  • Avg. Partner Age: 46
  • Meeting since: 1998