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Find your Edge.  Quickly search the pokedex, compare abilities, and get real odds.   Now, the knowledge necessary to face formidable opponents and win is at your fingertips.      

Control your destiny by choosing the best pokemon for a gym battle.    Each pokemon type has its own strengths and weaknesses.   Different match ups yield different results:

  • Super-effective!
  • Normal
  • Not very effective
  • No effect…

By choosing super-effective match-ups, you’ll get the competitive edge… a great advantage in making up for less Combat Power (CP).

Edge helps you identify which pokemon you should concentrate on leveling up for your core team.  Place yourself in the power position and crush your opponents without even breaking a sweat!

  • Search and scroll at lightening speed.
  • Complete database - every pokemon in the game is included.
  • Simple, easy to understand icons and labels:
    • Type vs. Type
    • Easy to interpret odds (simple shapes and shape sizes highlight probabilities)
    • Abilities (electric, grass, water, etc.) in nice colors and large fonts

Disclaimer:  A lot goes into a battle.   Edge does not guarantee wins, but rather provides the likelihood that given an even playing field, your pokemon will win.  Tapping speed, swiping speed, and combat power all determine battle outcomes.  Those are in your hands.

Check out what Andre Rioux is saying about pokemon strengths and weaknesses!    “A high-level Growlith can easily be defeated by a low level Vaporeon due to the fire type being very weak against water.”